The NNA AU is committed to improving public health, through a greater understanding of risk-reduced nicotine products and their uses


The NNA is committed to advocating for responsible regulatory legislation that benefits Public Health


The NNA and its members, advocate, promote and endorse the use of vaping and harm reduction alternatives


Members give freely of their time, assisting current smokers with information on harm reduction products

Vapers Deserve Access To Nicotine Too

Our Government's policy is detrimental to Public health

Australian Nicotine Regulations

Please visit the following links to understand compliance, in terms of the importation of pharmaceutical nicotine for e-liquids.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration –

Liquid Nicotine and Importing 
Scheduling delegate’s final decisions, March 2017

Articles  & Blogs


The FDA Takes A Wrong Turn

International policy on vaping could be very important for smokers and vapers in Australia.  As our politicians struggle with the requirements of sorting through the evidence they are presented with, how governments in other countries

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BMA supports vaping

BMA comes out in support of vaping

Today marks yet another milestone in the acceptance of vaping as a Tobacco Harm Reduction alternative to smoking.  We have already seen a significant shift towards evidence based policy from the Royal College of Physicians

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