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A Daly Just made a donation. Good luck with fighting the good fight!!
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Wheeler Smoker of 12 years then started vaping that was 2 years ago and haven't looked back
Abigail Cottrill Vapers in Power
Ace Johns
Ace Johns
Adam Griffith Qld vapers and cloud chasers
Adam Brown
Adam Marshall Vaping stopped me from smoking when all else had failed
Adam Patching
Adam Gray
Adam Bentley
Adam Birkett Birkett Foundation Here to support the Right to Choose...
Adam McGahey
Adam Marshall
Adam Gray
Adrian Grace Fenix Vapours Just like most of you, vaping killed of my cigarette habit of 30 before it could kill me. Let's all get behind the great team at NNA so many other people get the chance to become ex-smokers.
Adrian Kelly I would love to become involve heavily in this. Please let me know how i can.
adrian simms
Adrian Dunbar
Adrian Miller A former 33.5 year smoker and instant non-smoker the first time i pressed my MVP3.0's button. Almost 6 months smoke free and actually breathing again!
Adrian Johnston I've quit smoking for the 3rd time. this time with vaping. From the moment i picked up my device i haven't wanted a single one, the mere smell of one is horrible. I can breathe better, sleep better and generally feel healthier. We need to get proper recognition for this as a viable and safe option for smokers who want to quit for good.
Adrian Grace Citizen Early stages of vaping now, but given I have only had 2 cigarettes in the last week (and that last one tasted terrible!) compared to the 30 a day I had been doing (a smoker for 30 years) I'm thinking that this is fantastic after numerous attempts with common NRT products (never did take up the Doctors offer for Champix - way too many scarey stories). The wife was also a seasoned smoker, and she hasn't had a single cigarette in the last 2 weeks. Time for the pollies to realise all the good and start backing vaping as a positive.
Adz Potae The translator crew
Aidan Harrington
Aiden Ferguson I started smoking cigarettes when I was 12 years old. I am now 27 years old and haven't had a cigarette for over 3 months now and it's only because of vaping. I'm a massive supporter of vaping, and I'm helping others learn more about it.
Aimee Mortimer I am a Vaper. Support Vaping in parliament!
Alan Beard NNA Wishing New Nicotine Alliance Australia the very best of wishes in its endeavours. Hopefully the start of many more organisations of a similar nature Worldwide
Alan Langford
Alan Tickhill Ohms lore After smoking for 24 years, I have vaping a try in Jan 2014 and haven't had a cig since. I tried everything from cold turkey to patches and gum in the past and nothing wise worked. I started vaping 24mg and now down to 2mg
Alex Antoniades
Alex Long
alex gard
Alex Markovic Congratulations with the formation of NNA Australia. I was a smoker for 25+ years, I started to research vaping late 2010 for the alternative to smoking where I took up Vaping in 2011 and have not looked back since, now on my 5th year of vaping and I have not craved cigarettes since. My health also has drastically improved since. The short-term scientific evidence shows this is a healthier alternative to tobacco, hopefully this will also help change Australia's law against legislation on nicotine.
Alex Ashton
Alex Nekritin
alexander may
alexander brodskiy
Alexander Ward Just signing up for my support! vaping instead of smoking has made me feel more alive than ever!
alexander hogan
Alexey Griffith
Ali Khusro
Alice Houston
Alison Paul
Allison Mitchell Vaper since January 2015. Only way I could have ever stopped smoking.
Alrx Booth
Alyson Impson vape user Its a wonderful invention vaping it has finally rid me of the 43 year (pk a day) hold on cigarettes, and it was so easy and enjoyable, not like the constant failure and the feeling of being defeated with other NRT methods... The NNA is the voice for all vapers and I thank you and wish you success in all endeavors. Vaping may not be for everyone but they should at least get a chance to try.
Amy Laker
Amy Cracknell
An Green I know the 'new' nicotine system works, as an ex-smoker of more than thirty years I gave up some 6 months ago, have been vaping with supplies bought from the US and have not had a cigarette with all the associated tar etc ever since!! It does work. If it were more available here so many ore people could be helped. Call me jaded, but I feel the only reason the governement tries to ban it is because they havent figured out a way to control and tax it. So their cries of "health issues" sound hollow to me. Thank you
Andras Jekey Life Plus
Andrew Thompson Private Citizen
Andrew Whigham Personal
Andrew Reither
Andrew VanDerPloeg
Andrew Wall
Andrew Booth
ANDREW GOURLEY Cloud Revolution
Andrew Hetherington Started vaping 3 weeks ago after 30 years of tobacco. Have no desire to go back to cigarettes and I enjoy vaping so much more. I want nicotine in Australian eLiquid!! Vaping saves lives and the Australian Government needs to legislate to make nicotine in our eLiquid legal so that we don't have to import it.
Andrew Bryce Ex-smoker, lawyer and scientist with more than a passing interest in the legal status of this harm minimisation practice.
Andrew Anastasia
Andrew rope
Andrew Gammie Legalise nicotine vaping!
Andy Morrison NNA (UK)
Angus Keenan
Ann Woodbridge
Anna Posmyk n/a At last !!! why is Australia always the last to accept anything new ? in this case something that can potentially SAVE lives. Why in this DEMOCRATIC country we don't have a choice in anything ? Heavy smoker for 30+ I have been vaping since sept. 2014 and feeling much better than on tobacco cigs. Planning to slowly go off ecigs as well by reducing nicotine level. Champix is not an option.
Anne Ransley As a person who had unsuccessfully tried every available method to stop smoking, I have gone from 2 pouches of rolling tobacco plus 2-3 packets of tailor-made cigarettes per week to vaping only, and have not been even tempted to have a 'real' cigarette after the first couple of days. It disgusts me that I have to import my own personal supply of fluid containing nicotine rather than being able to buy it in Australia.
Annette Huppatz
Annie Hastings
Anthony van Duuren Best of luck to the NNA Australia. We're all fighting for the right to save lives.
anthony powers citizen
Anthony Goh Keep it up guys. Thanks for doing all these for us
Antony Watson Power to the vape
Ari Praelor
Armaan Shah Vaping saved my life, my doctor is extremely impressed with it
Arnold Rose Vaing has saved us from smoking
asd asd
Ashton Gordon Jancourt Juice
Atakan Erik Befrits INNCO Independent Tobacco Harm Reduction Policy research
Athena Colanis
Bailey Nash
Baker B BakerB PanDimensional Holdings P/L Legalise it or encourage smoking. There is no middle ground.
Barbara Taylor Private citizen One of my family members has Schizophrenia. Most schizophrenic people develop an addiction. Hers is to cigarettes. I am fairly sure that they will kill her before her mental illness does. She won't change over because it is illegal to buy or sell ecigarettes where we live. She is not competent enough to order ecigarettes from overseas. I hope raw tobacco becomes illegal soon.
Bart Brink
Beau Mahoney Beyond The Bottlez AU
Ben Thompson
Ben Poke
Ben Rawlinson Keep up the fight chaps, we'll save millions by the time it's over!
Benjamin Cogzell
Bennett Hams
Bernice Evans
Bernie Copal Citizen At last. An organisation set up to support the Australian people that choose to vape.
Bianca Lew I could not quit cigarettes for many years, despite trying all the nicotine cessation products available as well as strategies such as hypnotism. I organized myself a personal vaporizer and have not touched a cigarette for over two years. It is easy.
Bill Kosinski Taiwan Vapor Advocacy League
Boris Ruckels
Brad Stafford
Brad Ringersma Freedom of choice to quit smoking and or switch to a less harmful alternative should be a right, not a privilege... Nicotine is not the monster public health would have us believe.
Brad Gracie Been vaping for 6 months. Quit smoking 6 months ago.
Brad Ringersma Ex-smoker, now vaper. Standing against unjust regulations of ecigs world-wide.
Bradley Proud
Bradley Fasher Ecigs To You
Brandon Baker
Brendan Boyle Moved to e-cigs 4 years ago and haven't had a single cigarette since. Have successfully helped many others give up smoking, including 6 65+yo pack a day smokers who now use ecigs instead and can afford to go on a holiday for the first time in years. I try to advocate whenever I can for ecigs as an alternative to cigarettes. Happy to help in any way I can.
brendon douglas Vaping allowed me to give up stinky smokes and regain stamina to actually play and live life with my kids
Brett Thomson
Brett Heron I was a smoker for many years. I have not had a cigarette in 18 months. I am now a vaping enthusiast. I am tobacco and nicotine free and support this movement. I as a child, watched my grandfather suffer the effects of emphysema which led to his death. I feel healthier, fitter, I taste and can smell my food and have since gained weight since switching over to Vaping. I have spoken to my General Practitioner about this and he supports my beliefs and doing just this i.e: Vaping. If Australia wants to ban Vaping from Australian shores, surely they need to take independent testing from scientifically based and medically based facts proven, shown and showing this to be worse then smoking a cigarette. What is more important, financial gain from cigarette smoking or peoples lives.
Brett Green Nicotine for therapeutic purposes shouldn't be illegal.
Brett Green
Brett Hallas Excellent work! I will be donating as I can afford it.
Brian Goslin
Brian Robson
Brian Irving
Brian Coggins Started using a Personal Vaporizer in 2012 to keep off cigarettes. Still vaping and not smoking to this day.
Brian Coe
Brock Simpson Without vape's I'd still be smoking cigarettes.
Brooke Wilson
Brooke Wilson
Broony Saint
BRUCE ROGERS This is Jerry Hatrick from VC just signing up :)
Bryan Waddleton
Bryce Cummings
Callan Hughes
Callum Adamson
Calvin Chow
Cameron Herrington
Cameron McLeod I have friends in the US that are devastated with the new FDA legislation. Thanks for fighting the good fight here on behalf of Oz vape smokers.
Cameron Gartner
Carla Thomsen Vaping since Sept 2014
Carla Thomsen
Carmen Escrig MOVE
Carol Kemp I am 54 years old ' Iv been smoking cigarettes for 40 years ' I have tried to give up that many times ' I have lost count ' I failed every time ' 4 months ago I was introduced to a vape and since then I haven't even looked at a cigarette ' if it helps you give up smoking it has to be a good thing '
Casey Wilson
catherine bailey
Cathy Porter
chantal nagle
Charis Cameron Vaping has successfully stopped me from smoking in a stress free and safe manner. Within 33 days of vaping and being cigarette free I was then able to remove leave the nicotine out of the Juice. I am now 40 days cigarette free and haven't felt better. Vaping needs to be embraced as a quit aid!
Charles Brannon
Charlie McCracken Versatile Vapes Fighting for our right to vape!
Charmaine Cole
Chloe Pease Signing up. I quit smoking the day I started vaping. I am here to support NNA and all they stand for x
Chris Tok Freshness Vapes Freshness Vapes is here to support the New Nicotine Alliance Australia, we will be making monthly donations to help support the NNA who fight for our rights, without the formation of your organisation I think our government would have killed vaping by now.
Chris Bennett
Chris Bennetts
Chris Ness Vaping has saved my life from cigs,
Chris Robinson I am a vaper and ex-smoker for three years. I feel that my individual rights are being violated by the law and regulations that restrict my access to vaping and nicotine. After my father died of smoking related disease, I spent 28 years trying to give up cigarettes. Vaping has probably saved my life, but it's too late for other family members, one of whom has just been given 9 months to live with lung cancer. If vaping had been available to him sooner, he might not be in this situation now.
chris Henderson
Chris Jackson I ceased a 40 yr, pkt a day tobacco habit with the help of ecigs. All other attempts and strategies using more conventional aids proved a dismal failure. I am now 5 yrs tobacco free [still vaping and loving it] and have been amazed by the return of my health, finances, relationships and relative freedoms. For all our sakes I wish you well in the good fight. Regards Chris.
Chris McPhail
Chris Adams Happy to take taxes from tobacco industry yet ban vaping nicotine. Happy to pay a resonable tax on this if it becomes legal in Aus
Christian Burgess
Christian Burgess Burgo's Computing Solutions Why not ban alcohol advertising, that drug alone causes more pain and misery than vaping ever could
christian parmiter Millions of people can be saved with the freedom of choice to vape! It must be an option.
Christina O'Farrell
Christine May Well done guys :) I believe, we can overcome.
Christine Muskin
Clive Plain Keep up the great work
Coadey Goodwin
Colin Ranger
Colin Macdonald As a husband and father of three, I want to see people free to choose a lower risk alternative. Where the impacts of the alternative are not well described, I should be able to access services that can monitor and assess the outcomes of my decision and allow my personal medical history to guide future health policy decisions. As an adult, I make millions of decisions every day that could have potentially damaging ramifications for myself, my colleagues and my family. I should not be unreasonably penalised for lifestyle choices that have little to no measurable negative impact on those around me.
Colleen Rossi
Conor CAMPBELL Vaping > Smoking! No clouds, no glory!
Conor Campbell Let's do this shit! ACC and Brisvape member!
Cooper French
Craig Stafford The Vaper Caper
Craig Smith
Craig Jackman vape4life South Australia
Csaba Maulis
Daizee Boucher Hays Specialist Recruitment I have been vaping for two months as a means of quitting cigarettes. It is great!
Dale Barker
Damian Vick 15 years a smoker and it all changed in a single day. The day I took up vaping was the day day I smoked. That was 18 months ago. I passionately feel that the archaic legal barriers that restrict access to nicotine for use in vaping devices, must be re-examined for the sake of the thousands of people who wish to escape the burden of cigarettes
Damien Heath The Vape Store (SA) Long-term vaper; quit smoking Feb. 2015; multiple previous quit attempts.
Damien Beeby Time for the government and public health to take note. Like medicinal marijuana, vaping will be readily accepted by our government as soon as they can determine how to tax the life out of it. #Vape4Life
Damon Thulborn
Dan Edwards Vaping helped me kick a 15 year, pack a day smoking habit.
Dan Cross Aust. vaper Vaping for just under 2 years. Have not touched a cigarette since the day I started.
Dan Rasmussen None I'm an ex smoker, ex 25+ years of heavy smoking, without vaping I would not have managed to give up, and I want other smokers to have the same opportunity to avoid death from smoking.
Dane Idell
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel Morton Morton Photography
Daniel Moore
Daniel Rust Electronic Cigarettes Australia
Daniel Mercuri
Daniel Williams vapers vs policy
Daniel Reilly
Daniel Wright
Daniel Martin
Daniel Glindemann
Daniel Rust Electronic Cigarettes Australia Vaping for over 7 years strong. From 50 stinkies a day to none overnight.
Daniel Beckmann
Daniel Culhane
Daniel Rayner
Daniel Goldsack
Danny Hodgetts Victorian, ex-smoker (four years), recently switched full-time to vaping. I rely on nicotine juices imported from overseas, and would hate to have to resort to tobacco consumption again.
Danual Morrison Full support and will continue to do everything possible here in Queensland.
Danyel Drost Home User Here to support the cause.
Darcy Fiume
Darin croome We need to be able to vape. Governments do suck corporate c ock and should be made accountable for damage caused from smoking cigarettes but never will I suppose.
Darryl Carter
Darryl Goddard
Dave Fowler
Dave Kudrev Vaping has helped me quit smoking cigarettes for good! Over two months smoke free and counting!! :D
Dave Lawrence
David Asprey just like to show my support. pack a day down to mayby 5 a day
David Burns ECigOz Coming from Europe where vaping has had such a positive impact on many people's lives, I was disappointed and dumbfounded to learn that so many people in Australia were unaware of vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. If government is happy to let people decide if they want to smoke tobacco they should also be allowed to decide if they want to vape. Facts First! Good work NNA on your advocacy work.
David Newell
David Harris I support the right to vapor
David Thompson I hope this helps
David Aitken
David Glenn i have not smoked a single cigarette in 6 months. Vaping and electronic cigarettes are saving my life.
David Watson
David Graham Vaping saved my life
David Allan Supporting Aussie vapers. Let them have nicotine!
David Austin
David Ainscough
David Fairfield
David Henry An ex tobacco smoker about to move to qld...
David Fairfield
david hammermeister
David Owen Instant 100% convert 2 years ago. Blocking habitual smokers from this lifesaving alternative on the grounds of spurious or willfully ignorant argument is actually a serious social offence and should be legally culpable. I hope NNA can forge an inside track to correct the current moral aberration of our health authorities.
David Ferguson
David Moger I had my vaping gear stolen in Brisbane last month. Australian vipers went the extra mile to fix me up with new stuff.
David Worsencroft I support vaping, I'm so glad I found this excellent way of stopping my 48 year tobacco addiction. Without the ability to vape, I would still be smoking tobacco. Others with tobacco addiction need to be introduced to vaping, it makes quiting tobacco very easy. I will never go back to smoking tobacco, thanks to vaping I'm no longer a smoker.
David Gallagher
David Mullen I'll support anything that tries to stop the misinformation that the ANTZ are throwing at us worldwide ❗
daz f
Dean Cooper N/A
Dee White
Deirdre Ranger
Denise Austin
Deon Mclaren
Derek Mckellar
Destry Hart Vaping has helped me kick the cigarette habit after 20years
Deven Sporn
Diane Gossi
Dianne Gorman I smoked every day of my life for over 40 years. Then I discovered vaping in June 2013. I haven't touched a cigarette since.
Dillan Lisle
Donald Meston
Donnel Catarroja Western Sydney Vapes Just representin!!
Douglas Hicks
Drew Harris
Dyanne BLAIR
Dylan Coulson Vaping saves lives. Living here in WA makes it even harder. but still feel bad for Aus as a whole, it's crazy that they don't want all the money kept here in Aus, but they force us to spend a majority of our money overseas. Our Government needs a good mental check!
Dylan Kovess
Eden Maynard
Edward L'Estrange
Eirlys Evans NNA UK supporter My dozy partner (Alan Beard) forgot to write NNA UK on his profile or organisation so I thought I would address that issue. The best of wishes from me and hope your efforts at persuasion and education of politicians and public health is fruitful. It is an ironic tragedy that the vastly more harmful alternative remains on sale whilst nicotine for e-cigs is banned.
Elio Formato N/A
Elizabeth Salter
Elliot Stephens-Hibbert Vaping for over three years. Was on cigs for over ten years and haven't had one since vaping.
Elliot Stephens-Hibbert
Elly Fisher f
Emily Pignone I am deeply saddened that many Australians are unable to easily access e-juice containing nicotine that can save lives. My partner and I were heavy smokers and Electronic cigarettes have been the only method that is equally safe and effective.
Emma Heseltine
Emma Millin
Enrique Rodríguez Larumbe
Eugene Armstrong I stand behind the NNA
Ewa Huebner I took up vaping 3.5 years ago after 48 years of smoking. I hope this organisation will be effective against misinformation and outright lies spread by three biggest financial beneficiaries of smoking tobacco: governments, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.
Ewen McPherson I had been a smoker for 25+ years. I had tried everything to stop smoking. I actually gave up once using champix (not without the crazy side effects. Headaches, horrible nightmares & depression) but started again due to stresses. I smoked 1 - 1 1/2 packs a day then moved to rollies. I went looking for an alternative. After a long search I found vaping. I investigated vaping & made an informed decision that it looked like it was a lot safer than smoking. Once I started (with the assistance of a group of like minded vapers), the transition from cigarettes to vaping was really easy. I have not had a cigarette since I started vaping. Within weeks my lung capacity has increased, my skin looks 100% better, I have not craved food like I did when I quit last time, I have lowered my salt consumption due to being able to taste my food & in fact I have basically stopped eating so much chocolate & sweets as I get my fix while I vape. At the moment I have to import my nicotine from overseas due to draconian Aust
Fernando Fernandez Down under builders and vapers To whom it may concern...this is my story snd im sure its manyothers aswell. After smoking cigarettes for over 25 n years and having tried to quiteover 15 times with no luck, i came across vaping, after 2 months of vaping i gave up the cigarettes snd sm now 8 months cigarette free so i dont go home with the disgusting smell of smoke for my 2 kids to smell,plus i feel so much healthier and alive eith out smokes. If it wasn't gor vaping i eould still be addicted to the cigarettes and eould lead a very unhealthy life. Please dont force people to be stuck in a awful habit thst is smoking, it was they're choice to smoke it should be they're choice if they want to use vaping as a helpfull way of quitting smoking. I know it worked for me and at least 16 people that are close to me.
Fiona Young No organisation - Individual Australian I no longer smoke - No Butts, no dirty ashtrays, no smelly clothes. I am a vaper and feel so much more healthier and happier - Hoping the Au Gov does not take away my choices.
Frank Staunton Private Citizen I've been vaping for 16 months and no longer have any wish to ever smoke tobacco again. I smoked for 23 years, and tried everything the government had to offer. 2 failed attempts at Zyban, 5 failed attempts at Champix, numerous failures with nicotine gum and patches. But the first vape I ever had cured me permanently of the need to smoke cigarettes. The Govt just want to keep it's excise income flowing by forcing us back to cigs. But hey Govt! Maybe you won't need so much excise if people stop dying slowly of smoking related illnesses!
frank frost
Gabriel Crowley Not Affilliated . I started smoking regularly when I was 14 or 15 and smoked more than a pack a day for the better part of a decade. I tried patches, gum, inhalers, lozenges, Champix (with quite serious side effects) and I even tried the dissolving nicotine squares from nicabate or nicorette and the spray. Nothing worked until a vaporizer and now I vape throughout the day down to 3mg nicotine and for most of the day I'm vaping 0mg juice and it helps with the cravings and quitting to have both. I believe it is over regulation and hypocrisy to tell us we cannot have liquid nicotine , a component of tobacco which is legal and known to kill and eggplant which funnily enough also contains nicotine. I urge our legislators to do what is right to help us be informed and free to make our own choices. Prohibition doesn't work and it never has. Prohibition funds organised crime and takes quality control our of the equation. Nicotine is already available at markets and online within Australia, make it safe, legalize nicotine for adults. A
Gareth Mckane
Gary Cortes Fight the power!!!
Gary Cortes
Gary Cortes Fight the good fight!!!!
Gary Waters
Gavin Downes
Gavin Downes Clouds of Oz
Gavin Hook Citizen I started on "Cig-a-likes" about 2 years ago, trying to find an alternative to cigarettes. Have not smoked at all since. I am self sufficient in juice and coil making and have and do assist a number of friends in stopping smoking through vaping. I hope one day to be able to walk down the street to my local vape bar for a drink a chat and to try a new flavour or two. Better make sure I act now so I don't regret later.
gavin wallace
Geoff Nordling
george tsekouras thankyou
George Carlin
Georgia Chapple I support my mum who gave up smoking after 30 years. She now vapes and is so much healthier. She also doesn't stink of smoke.
Gerald Andrijich
Germano Cabaca I feel that Vaping has saved my life. No more chest pain,coughing, shortness of breath & general feeling better since quitting smoking.
Gerry Stimson Knowledge-Action-Change Congratulations on the formation of NNA Australia. The voice of consumers and the scientific evidence will help change Australia's harmful legislation on nicotine. Lots of work to do - but you will get there!
Gill Paterson
Glen Mehrtens
Glen Henderson Pacific Libertarian Advocacy
Glenn Smith Accidental Vaper
Glenn Mors
Glenn Chandler Personal
Glenn Reynolds
Gordon Walker
Grace Wong Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa/New Zealand
Graeme Cochrane I began smoking in 1974 at the age of 13 thanks to the Marlboro man. I reckon I've donated enough to tobacco. I've been tobacco free for over 12 months thanks to vaping...
Graham Bae
Grant Hall STAR Trust
Grant van Dongen Vaping is a game changer is the way in which we combat cigarette smoking morality rates.
GRant Flaherty
Grant Woollard N/A Hard to believe that in West Aust the sale of hardware and e-juice is banned. Harder to believe is the push behind the ban was the W.A Health Dept, who appealed a decision in a lower court that found an accused had no case to answer. I left school and commenced work at an early age. So I had been pretty much a full time smoker from the age of fourteen. For forty three years the only times I had not had a cigarette for any length of time was on two occassions when I was confined to a hospital bed, both times of which my main objective was to be able to get in a wheelchair so I could go to the garden for a smoke. I had tried numerous times to give up, using gum, patches, Champix, yet none of them even slowed me up, let alone stopped me. On the 25 February this year I decided to start vaping. Now I have been seven months smoke free, a fact my family and myself find extremely hard to believe. To coin a phrase used in by in the TV series House of Cards - "Vaping - addiction without the consequences" Best rega
Greg Miller Firstly thank you to you all for your great work. My vaping story is quite different from most that I've heard. I have been a daily marijuana user for 24 years. Tobacco became more and more of my mix, and I was consuming 5 cigarettes worth of tobacco a day through a bong.(smoking 30-50 cones a day). I would also smoke cigarettes at work(up to 6 a day) I have since converted to a dry herb vaporizer, removed the tobacco element and now consume 2-3 cones a day. (only at night now) I also use a personal vaporizer to "fill the gap" and give me a nicotine hit during the day and at work. I've gone from being mildly asthmatic plus hacking up brown gunk all day, to having a clear chest and completely ceased all asthma medications. The difference is undeniable. I am angered by the governments' knee-jerk response to vaping. It's almost as if a bunch of tobacco/ pharmaceutical lobbyists got in their ear and advised them what to do. Can this be checked through freedom of information laws? Because I fear this is wh
Greg O'Grady
greg anderson Vaping helped me quit a 15 year pack a day smoking habit
Greg Rowberry business owner Where common sense does not prevail and government is by uninformed ignorance - the value of government disappears. Its encouraging to see Australians stand up - too often not the case in the "lucky" country?
Gregory Leech
Gregory Fowler
Gregory Leigh
Gus Fraser
Guy Dimmick
harley jinnette I've been vaping for a little over two years. Over that time I've been able to lower my nicotine levels to 0 yet I still vape as I really enjoy the flavours. I've personally helped over 50 people quit with valine so there's no doubt in my mind of its effectiveness as a NRT.
Haydn Rees
Henrik Joergensen
Holly Hibbert
Hudson Cruickshanks-Ross
ian perry
Ian Gilmour After years of trying, I managed to stop smoking cigarettes by switching to vaping. I haven't had a cigarette for two years and know that I'll never have another.
Ian Florussen
Isagani Barry
Jacob Dorsey
Jacqueline Munn The Vape Store
Jacqueline Hilton
Jacques Le Houezec Scientist
Jade Murray
Jag Sekhon Individual Just started vaping rwo weeks ago. It saved my life. Got me off cigarettes and I feel great and want t9 protect my right to not smoke.
Jake Stewart
james jones
James Vandenberg I was a 35yr PAD smoker until I started vaping in May this year. So far I have not had a cigarette and honestly can't envision wanting to have one.
James Harper Having given up a 40 year cigarette addiction with the help of vaping, I find the fact that I have to import all my nicotine e juice ridiculous. There is no doubt of the health benefits of giving up smoking in favour of vaping - I jogged this morning!
James A Dyball
Jamie Houston
Jamie Haigh
Jarrad Smith
Jarred Carter
Jarrod Secker
Jarrod Green Vape On, Vape Hard, And Don't let the B*****ds grind you down
Jason Noreen
Jason Turner I Vape, I Vape responsibly and am proud to be called a vaper instead of being called a smoker. I will never smoke again thanks to being introduced to my first e-cig.
Jason Maud
Jason Turner
Jason Ford Great work guys.
Jason Richards I was a 30+ a day smoker for 16 years and i had tried quitting many times and i can tell you from experience NRT like Patches, Ziaban, Champix and Gum does not work! They have a 95% fail rate. E-Cigarettes have saved me from the Cancer sticks and they are the only thing that has worked. We need to be able to Purchase Nicotine in Australia its a joke that we need to order it from overseas. Wake up its saving Lives.
Jason Leitch Black Snake Vapour
Jason Santa Vaping has helped people who have been addicted to cigarettes, switch to vaping, which had lowered health dangers/signs and kept them on the right track. Many have found that they feel a lot healthier and can breathe better. My cousin who has been addicted to smoking has tried to quit many times but, could not. I recommend vaping and it had become a BIG solution to his addiction that had lead the life he lives now. He use to be a big smoker so, he would always be buying pack after pack when vaping was a better solution that doesn't require us spending cash, thrown at useless toxic chemicals. I want to support vaping as it can help a lot of people and even change lives. Smoking Cigarettes is WORSE than vaping and that is a fact.
Jason Santa Vaping has helped people who have been addicted to cigarettes, switch to vaping, which had lowered health dangers/signs and kept them on the right track. Many have found that they feel a lot healthier and can breathe better. My cousin who has been addicted to smoking has tried to quit many times but, could not. I recommend vaping and it had become a BIG solution to his addiction that had lead the life he lives now. He use to be a big smoker so, he would always be buying pack after pack when vaping was a better solution that doesn't require us spending cash, thrown at useless toxic chemicals. I want to support vaping as it can help a lot of people and even change lives. Smoking Cigarettes is WORSE than vaping and that is a fact.
Jason Ramsey
Jay Behrendt
Jay Cole
Jay Behrendt
Jayden Pooe Vape We need to keep vapeing leagle as it is a healthyer option than smoking and will save lives
Jeannie Cameron JCIC International I'm Australian but live in the UK. A strong advocate of harm reduction - my 2007 Masters in Law LLM dissertation was on harm reduction and the FCTC and human rights. I've been involved in the tobacco nicotine policy debate for more than 10 years. I'm a strong supporter of NNA gauged on meetings in Warsaw.
Jeff Lusk I was a cigarette smoker for 35 years and for the last 7 years have been on nicotine fluid in my E-Cigarette.The reason I still vape is that I enjoy it and not getting all those nasty chemicals in my body. I now have my smell back,don't stink of cigarettes and feel better.
Jeff Chonowitz
Jennifer Smith
Jenny Stone I work with homeless and disadvantaged people and I'm passionate about tobacco harm reduction. I smoked for 30 years before I tried vaping out of curiosity. No one was more surprised than I was when I completely lost interest in smoking because I preferred the experience of vaping.
Jepu Deibi Individual
Jeremy Alexander After over 15 years smoking and trying to quit I tried e-cigs and right from the first try I have been smoke free for 77 days. I never thought I could do it. We shouldn't be hiding the cure we should be embracing it.
Jeremy Holt
Jeremy Short
JEREMY COTTOM I live in the gold coast , i started vaping on the 12th of July 2016 and havent touched a cigarette since , and thats after 21 years of heavy heavy smoking(2 x 50 gram packs of port royal per week) , let me know how i can help the cause for vaping as a legal alternative for smoking traditional cigarettes . i understand that health bodies have what they consider not enough evidence to be convinced about the long term effects of vaping but i guess as time goes by more data will become avaiable blabla anyway please let me know how i can help , cheers
Jessica Harding Vapers in Power
Jesus Sybico
Jill Baldwin Member of Vapers in Power UK & supporter of NNA UK As fellow vapers, wherever we are in the world, I think it is only right that we support each other. I was a 60 a day smoker and was able to switch to electronic cigarettes straight away without any withdrawal symptoms. 9 mths of various NRT prior to that had not stopped me.I have been a vaper for nearly 4 yrs.
Jim McDonald
Jimmy Cooke
Joanne Middleton Personal vaper I smoked since the age of 14 till I was 48. I have been vaping for 2 years now , I am now free of asthma, I can exercise more vigorously. I have no doubt this is a very successful alternative for long term heavy smokers.
Joao Pargana
Jody Cromb
joel hansen vaping saved me and help me become much healthier
Joel Hand
John Verpeleti Big supporter of the value of vaping.
John Abbate
John Osborne The E-Cig Shop It is a shame we have to be criminals in our own country to use a less harmful substance than tobacco.
John McCormack
John Foreman Vaporized NZ Vern - Signing up on Johno's behalf.
John Richardson HOME Hi NNA, I'm Living in Western Australia where everything is blocked and banned. After many months travelling America from June to September I saw all the amazing B&M shops and the incredible way vape is embraced in the USA. I also got to see the August restrictions come into place while i was there which left a LOT of people very upset. Im not happy with the way the Government here in Australia is trying to ruin something so promising, something i enjoy. Something that keeps me from dying from Cigarettes. Would like to donate and help the NNA. Cheers.
John Hooper
John Bourne Because of e-cigs, I no longer smoke tobacco. I wish to join the fight to make it legal.
John Walker Self employed Good on you!
John Hooper I'm 47 years old and had been smoking tobacco cigarettes since I was 18 years old (28 years). I had tried many methods over the years to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes which all failed. Since I started vaping in April 2015 I have not had a single Tobacco cigarette. I started vaping at 18 mg/ml of nicotine in my e liquid, I am now down to 6 mg/ml and plan to reduce down to 3 mg/ml next batch of e liquids. I live in Victoria.
John Vernier
John Sharp
Johnathon Edwards
Johnny Keane Mark me up as 1 more life saved thanks to the vape!
Jonathan Quay I've been vaping for over 6months and went straight from smoking (20years) to vaping instantly. Been the best decision I've ever made and felt better within two weeks of stopping smoking. Australia's nicotine laws are backward and ridiculous and need to be changed.
Jonathan Quay
Jonathon Wilson
Jono Downunder none
Josef Rayment
Joseph Wise
Josh Reynolds
Joshua Byrne
Joshua Thiessen NNA, I have been looking for an organisation which brings to attention the liquid nicotine laws in Australia. I am studying communications and graphic design, and I think it is absolutely essential for the forward progression of a new, more tolerable Australia that ejuice should be sold and manufactured within Australia. After visiting Europe and their vape shops (I was vaping before visiting) I was saddened that I would never be able to work in such a shop and my knowledge will always be ignored here. The freedom that vaping provides, especially with the new laws in NSW is definitely worth aspiring to, and the culture of my current location in Melbourne could also be enlightened and freed by the increased access to ejuice or eliquids. The NNA has my full support in any endeavour and policy amendments, it's time Australia moved away from fear tactics and prohibition to prove that we are no longer a prison colony!
Joshua Lincoln So VERY GLAD TO HEAR /SEE people who have real banking behind them getting down and dirty into this topic!! It's SOOOO VERY much needed, vaping had changed my life and I've met S000 MANY others is done the same for!! Good work and best of luck and wishes!! (unfortunately due to my circumstances I'm unable to donate
Joshua Giordano
Joshua Giordano
Joshua Hamdorf
Joshua Thiessen Something needs to be done to allow the selling of nicotine ejuice within Australia!
judith welsh After over 40 years of smoking gave up smoking and took up vapping 11mgs nicotine in August Have not smoked and have no desire to smoke since then.
Jukka Kelovuori Vaping saves lives!
Junior Hadfield
Justin Shaw
Karen Lewison
Karina Steenari I started smoking at 13. After numerous failed quitting attempts throughout my mid and late 20's I can confidently say that vaping saved my life. Since my first vape 5 months ago I have not had a puff of a cigarette since. My quality of life is so much better - I no longer have depressive thoughts, I exercise 5 times a week and I am more motivated and happier in general. I'm a better mother and human being now that I have kicked the smokes. The fact that I'm breaking the every time I vape, but can legally by cigarettes is an atrocity. Wake up QLD health authorities - your ignorance regarding vaping is potentially killing thousands of Queenslanders!!!
Karl Hughes
Kate Reweti
Kate Mary Sharp
Kate Mary Sharp
Keith Gibbs I am 72yrs of age and have been a vaping for close to 4yrs after having smoked between 16 to 20 cigarettes a day for over 50yrs.. I had a heart attack about 8yrs ago and was unable to quit smoking, I have tried all methods available from Champix on prescription from my Doctor through to patches, sprays and gum without success, I have a stent implant and was still experiencing some angina, a friend introduced me to e-cigarettes and from that point on I have never touched another analogue cigarette, now my health has improved, I can breath deeply without coughing I no longer experience angina and I now classify myself as a non-smoker,
Kelly Badenoch Visionary Vapes Hello We are a new vape store in the process of opening our first vape store in South Australia. We are very excited to take part in helping Australians quit smoking and join the vape revolution take place in Australia.
Ken Gouldson
Kendall Critch
Kenneth OBrien I have been a vaper for nigh on 3 years. When I first tested the waters I alternated between analogues and electronic. When I ran out of analogues I never bought another and have never looked back.
Kerri Shannon Vaping has saved my life. After 30 years of smoking and innumerable attempts to quit, ecigs are the only thing that has worked to get me off the cancer sticks. We need for this to be as widely available as possible for all smokers.
Kerry Buckley
Kerry Glenn i had been trying to get off the cigarettes for years. Vaping is the only thing that has worked for me.
Kevin Pickworth Wake up Australia, don't let tobacco companies rule on our healthier choices
Kevin Crowley Vaping It on Twitter. I created the Vaping Truth Survey. (First is over, second is ongoing. If there is any information you'd like from that to help the cause, I will gladlyGLADLY offer it to this organization.
Kevin Stainwall
Khoa Nguyen
Kieran Shannon
Kieren Aquilina
Kim Jefford 4 year convert to e cigs. Healthier, no smelly fingers or breath anymore.
Kim Tootell
Kim Clinch Inala, a disability service I am a Registered Nurse and a Director of Nursing. I don't vape but I support it.
Kirk Rawson Thanks for posting the article on the senate interview, brilliant informative reading. I quit smoking May 2015 and am a very happy healthier vapour because of it.
Kirsty-Anne Hoskin My whole family,my husband 2 adult children and my mum now vape rather than smoke. How can this be a bad thing?
Kyle Hudson
Kylie Grinstead
Kylie George
Kylie Pilbeam
Kyrin Clark-Clegg It's time Australia opened their eyes and supported my choice to quit cigarettes. Vaping Vivat
Lachlan Fleetwood Private Citizen Just showing my support.
Leah Brandso Red Dog Cafe
Lee Brown
Lee Czajkowski
Lee Parsons off the stinkies and loving the vape
lee O Hare Social Lites Pty Ltd Being a manufacture of eliquids plus a person who vapes.
Lee Taylor
leigh sywak
Leigh Walker
levin jenkins
Liam Pattison
Liam Bryan It isn't health worries that are preventing vaping becoming accepted its a lack of understanding and false assumptions - NNA Au will hopefully be able to educate and enlighten.
Linda Doust
Linda Ziino
Lindsay Yuile
Lindsay Yuile Mount Isa E-juice supplies
Lindsey Howard VapeOz We are an e-cig organisation in Australia who help thousands of people give up cigarettes. We are here to help and educate people on the facts of e-cigs.
Lisa Grafton
Lisa Franklin
Lorien Jollye NNA UK The very best of luck & I hope Australian vapers, medical professionals & politicians throw their weight behind this.
Lorraine Mahoney I'm 53. I have Been vaping for over 3years. Vaping Saved My Life.
Lorraine Mahoney
Lorraine Mahoney citizen Tried many times to quit smoking. Only successful with vaping. 30yr smoker 40+ a day to feeling like i had never been a smoker. Have helped 30+ people go from smoking to using an ecig.
Lorraine Mahoney
Louise Ross Leicester City Stop Smoking Service Supporting Australian vapers!
luca bertoglio i m an ex smoker,after 35 years of a pack a day i ve managed to stop smoking , 3 years ago through vaping,after failing several attempts with nicotine gums ,patches and,hypnosis. My health has improved dramatically ,no more coughs,running out of breath,and general feeling of tiredness We should have the right to chose as adults,particularly when cigarettes containing thousands harmful chemicals are readily available everywhere.
Lucas See Toh
Lucas Redman
Luke Bosworth
Luke Addy <3
Luke Jameson
Luke Anforth
Lyndsay Chambers Individual Vaping saved my life, near death easter this year. Got Vaping have not looked back
Lynne Evans
Lynne Furgang
Maddy Chapple Supporting a family member who stopped smoking by vaping.
Maddy Chapple I support vaping because I've seen a family member quit smoking when nothing else worked.
Maggie Dennis VCA I smoked for 50yrs, 'Approved' quit methods didn't work for me ( even tried hypnosis) tried vaping 2 years ago, no ciggies since ,,, my health and finances have never been better Good luck and I will be a regular supporting member if accepted
Mal Hadfield It will be nice to have support in Australia.
Mardy Wannell
Mardy Wannell
Margaret Braithwaite none So happy that this organisation has started here in Australia. Vapers voices need to be heard, it is as important as life and death.
Margaret Hermon
Margaret Phipps Like many others vaping has saved my life
Maria Hams
Mark Rosenberg None I am a vaper of 4 months from Western Australia who has not touched a cigarette since starting to vape. I want to join the nnaalliance to assist in stopping / changing the crazy rules and regulations in relation to ecigarettes being classed as tobacco products. Its good to see some people getting together to fight the backward laws and legislation we have.
Mark PREGMON Good day my vape family down under. I am a fellow vaper from the USA. Want to show my support for you all. Keep up the good fight . P.S. heard y'all from "the vaping bogan"
mark hellyer acc thank you for fighting for our right to vape and not to smoke and lets help many more choose the better way to give up smoking
mark bayani
Mark Pollock none 30 a day down to none. Vaping rules!
Mark Riseley
mark hellyer acc thank you for suppoting vapers and thier rights
Mark Curtis
Mark Leslie
Mark Jones
Mark McGiven Passionate E-cigarette user.
Mark Syme Save lives
Mark Furness Reel Fission Fight the good fight!
Mark Howard
Mark Mckenna South Coast Vapes Awesome work guys you have my support
Mark Bayani
Martin Bell interested in helping a centralised organisation in its efforts to promote new nicotine products and health benifits
Mathew Lee
matt mckiernan
Matt Manning vaping has changed my life, got me off the smokes and started and healthier lifestyle
Matt Walker Hi guys well done on this. We need fair and open mindedness system and unfortunately we dont have that here in aus. Particularly here in wa.
Matt Hodder Vapora Awesome to see an organisation standing up for the rights of Aussie Vapers and fighting back against government overreach and oppression.
Matt Long
Matt Watterson
Matthew Waschevski
Matthew Pike

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