The most important issue by far in Australia is making nicotine e-liquid legal to use, possess, buy and sell.


It would be quite simple to make safe nicotine e-liquid legal and available in Australia for sale through dedicated vaping shops.  This one simple Commonwealth legislative step would put us into line with the UK and the USA where more and more smokers are enjoying the choice to have a far safer method of recreational nicotine. It would be a boon for public health in reducing smoking rates and would be an important measure for human rights, for people to be able to take control of their own health through making better choices.  It is to simply add one line, (d) in the Commonwealth Poison Standard, (SUSMP) which all the States are bound by as follows under Schedule 7 as follows:




Proposed Schedule 7 amendment

NICOTINE except:

a)      when included in Schedule 6;

b)      in preparations for human therapeutic use; or

c)      in tobacco prepared and packed for smoking.

  add     d)  in preparations containing 7.2% or less of nicotine when labeled and packed for use in electronic cigarettes (personal vapourisers).


(7.2% nicotine is chosen to bring us into line with UK laws and has a low enough toxicity but allows adequate strength for practical use.)


Secondly, we believe that smoke free laws should not apply to vaping, as there is no credible health argument to be made.  There are significant public health benefits to making it easier to vape than to smoke.


Thirdly, public health will benefit if e-cigarettes are more available than cigarettes, and laws that restrict advertising and keep vapour products locked up behind counters should not apply to a product that gets people off smoking, and requires physically handling and trying out in order to be the most successful.


How will we achieve this?


We need to engage personally with anyone and everyone that matters, along different lines simultaneously, from Public Health, to Media, to politicians and advisors.  This requires us to be able to go to a conference or a meeting with politicians or to engage with any opportunity that presents itself.




We are extremely fortunate to have a real qualified Medical Doctor as our President, who is happy to do his work without any pay, who is happy to take personal and professional risks and who is happy to wear the costs of foregone income because of the time spent on advocacy because he is so committed to the cause.  All of our workers are unpaid volunteers.  However, we are hamstrung by our principled stand to not accept any donations from any industry sources, even independant vape vendors, in order to have no possibility of compromise or even the perception of being compromised by a conflict of interests.  To be pure as snow in terms of this helps our cause immeasurably.


We did not wait for donations to commence action, we have paid for the initial work out of our own pockets, and we believe what we have done so far shows our credibility and worth in terms of advancing the cause of vaping against the fearsome opposition funded and supported by millions of dollars and the power of Government.


It is difficult for morale however if simple, small, everyday costs are not covered and the costs of travel, attending events and engaging with advocacy have to be paid entirely out of the volunteers own pocket.  It seems reasonable that people who believe that the NNA AU are doing good and useful work for the benefit of all vapers should help out with donations to cover costs.  It is better if many people help with small donations rather than leaving it up to a few.


We will always be open and transparent about what we use donations for and our books will be available publicly.


The more we have the more we can do.