The New Way to Meet Your Neighbours

by Marewa Glover

I was running down my street and was coming up fast on a guy walking. I saw a billow of strong white cloud and thought 'smoker', which would usually send me to the other side of the street, but then his hand moved to the pocket of his jeans and I realised he was vaping not smoking. This was the second vaper in a week that I had seen in my neighbourhood.

Trying to keep a lid on my excitement I walked up to him and waved for his attention. "I noticed that you're using an ecigarette, can I ask you about it?"

Sure he said. Apparently people ask him about it "all the time."

So his name is Bruce. I could tell from his accent and appearance that he was a White South African. He was vaping a 4th gen tank model with variable voltage, peach flavoured 6mg nicotine ejuice ("only a little bit of nicotine" he said as if it was bad to have more). Yes, he was an ex-smoker though he'd had a patchy on off start with vaping, first just vaping, then both vaping and smoking, then back to smoking because the guys at his new construction site were all smoking and now he's back to just vaping.


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5 Incredible Days: Report from the Global Forum on Nicotine 2015

by Dr Attila Danko

Donna Darvill and I from the NNA AU attended the 2nd Global Forum on Nicotine on the 5th and 6th of June. It was the first time either of us had attended. To say that we had an incredible time would be an understatement. We felt we were in the middle of a historical moment, within a movement that is changing the world, in a city drenched in world history.

I say 5 incredible days because we had the opportunity to arrive early and leave late, and meet with the organisers and other conference goers over all 5 days. We met with the world’s most important leaders, advocates and scientists within the revolutionary movement of tobacco harm reduction, (THR) and not only briefly, but over long dinners and drinks and chats far into the night. We were sleep deprived, but didn't feel it!

All the networking has given us dozens of new international colleagues, comrades and most importantly, real friends who want to do everything in their power to help us reverse the shameful and devastating situation in Australia where giving up smoking the wrong way has become a crime. Even though there is little support for tobacco harm reduction in Australia, we have many friends internationally that want to help us, among them some quite powerful people.


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