Dr Attila Danko

Dr Attila Danko is an experienced, busy General Practitioner in Ballarat, a regional city in Australia.  Over the last few years, several of his patients have surprised him by being able to give up smoking using electronic cigarettes when all other methods had failed.  Inspired by the potential revolution in smoking cessation this represents, and appalled by the prohibitionist policies of his country, he began to advocate for the liberalisation of laws in Australia that effectively ban nicotine containing electronic cigarettes.  He recieves no payment or any inducement whatsoever from any Pharmaceutical, Tobacco or Electronic cigarette company.  He is in the preliminary stages of working with Professor Ron Borland, Nigel Gray Distinguished Fellow in Cancer Prevention at Cancer Council Victoria, Australia, on an upcoming study on electronic cigarettes.

Annette Huppatz

annetteAnnette is now a full time carer but prior to this was a qualified child care worker for a number of years. She smoked very heavily for over thirty years despite numerous quit attempts. She had got to the point where she had resigned herself to an early death from a smoking related illness. She bought her first personal vaperiser out of curiosity in January 2015. After finding it very pleasant she did some research and found that it was considered much healthier than smoking. She vaped and smoked cigarettes for approximately three months while she experimented with different devices and liquid until she found a combination that worked for her. She believes that the Australian government’s stance on tobacco harm reduction is impractical and is costing smokers their lives by denying them a much healthier alternative.

Chris Robinson

Chris was a smoker for thirty-five years.  After many dozens of conventional quit attempts spanning decades he was amazed to find that he gave up instantly with vaping: what was only meant to be a proof of concept suddenly became a life changing innovation.  Chris believes that vapour technology and other tobacco harm reduction stragies such as smokeless tobacco should be freely availble to all Australia smokers.

"Fifteen thousand smokers die of related diseases every year in Australia.  It's inconceivable to me that the technology exists that can save almost all of them, but politicians, public health, and abstinence only prohibitionists can not see past their idealogy long enough to embrace tobacco harm reduction and let them save themselves.  I call on all vapers and those interested in public health to set aside their differences and come together to create the greatest public health revolution of this century."

Chris is passionate about the consumer led revolution that is tobacco harm reduction because of the potential to save Australian lives while costing tax payers nothing whatsovever.  He has agreed to serve on the board of NNA Australia, but believes it is up to all Australians to do what is right, which is to embrace tobacco harm reduction.