Jenny StoneJenny Stone works with the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in the inner city area of Perth. The people she works with are disadvantaged by mental illness, poverty and hardship. They are victims of the stolen generation and their families, and people whose lives are shattered by trauma and substance abuse. She sees the serious health and financial problems related to very high smoking rates in these groups every day and feels passionate about her clients having access to tobacco harm reduction options as a matter of urgency. She is dismayed by the hypocrisy of supporting harm reduction options for hard drugs, but not for nicotine dependence. Jenny smoked heavily for 30 years before accidentally quitting by switching to a personal vaporiser in March 2013. She wishes that the people she works with were able to enjoy the financial and health benefits she has experienced and is committed to fighting for their right to have easy access to vaping as they currently have to smoking. Jenny supports evidence based regulation proportionate to risk and believes that smoking is not a disease, vaping works because it is enjoyable and regulating it as a medical product would remove the appeal and therefore the huge potential benefit to public health.