I'm a 57 year old former smoker, who managed to quit tobacco with the help of e-Cigarettes. I've been semi retired for 4 years, working full-time running a website and assisting smokers with their transition to vaping.  Up until late 2014, I spent 4 years residing in Florida, USA.  During this period, I attended various festivals, markets and concerts, giving free e-Cig demonstrations, followed up with personal one on one support where needed.  The website was an obvious extension, providing informative content, geared toward smokers and those new to vaping.  My belief is that Tobacco Harm Reduction, most notably electronic cigarette mods, represent a safer and proven means to substantially reduce the number of deaths attributed to combustible tobacco products.  If we are to succeed in Australia, it is necessary that government rethink their ideology and recognise the significance of Tobacco Harm Reduction.