Sean Moyles

Sean is an Audio-Visual Specialist who lives on Queensland's Gold Coast.  After 25 years as a smoker and numerous unsuccessful quit attempts, he discovered vaping in 2014 and hasn't felt the urge to light a cigarette since.  He is honoured to be an Associate of the NNA Australia and is currently working in an advisory capacity on an upcoming e-cigarette study by Dr Coral Gartner of the University of Queensland.

Associate Professor Stephen Elsom

Associate Professor Stephen Elsom is the Director of the Centre for Psychiatric Nursing at the University of Melbourne. Since the completion of his PhD in 2006, Stephen has published over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and delivered many keynote and other presentations in the areas of medication safety, therapeutic optimism and mental health triage. As an enthusiastic vaper and former smoker he is excited about the potential of vaping to drastically reduce smoking related harm in all populations, with a particular interest in people with severe mental illness who have much higher rates of smoking and poorer success at quitting. There is strong evidence that the approximately 20 year reduction in life expectancy of people who have schizophrenia is largely attributable to chronic physical disorders associated with smoking such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer.

Charles Yates

I'm a 57 year old former smoker, who managed to quit tobacco with the help of e-Cigarettes. I've been semi retired for 4 years, working full-time running a website and assisting smokers with their transition to vaping.  Up until late 2014, I spent 4 years residing in Florida, USA.  During this period, I attended various festivals, markets and concerts, giving free e-Cig demonstrations, followed up with personal one on one support where needed.  The website was an obvious extension, providing informative content, geared toward smokers and those new to vaping.  My belief is that Tobacco Harm Reduction, most notably electronic cigarette mods, represent a safer and proven means to substantially reduce the number of deaths attributed to combustible tobacco products.  If we are to succeed in Australia, it is necessary that government rethink their ideology and recognise the significance of Tobacco Harm Reduction.

Margaret Boyd

Margaret BoydMargaret is a retired nurse with a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.  She smoked 40+ cigarettes daily for 41 years and then quit using personal vapourisers nearly 4 years ago in Sepember 2011. She is very passionate about vaping and has met with one politician to date to try and make him aware of what e-cigs and PV’s are. Margaret believes consulting with health officials and politicians is necessary to inform them of the latest up to date research and to reinforce that vaping is much safer than smoking. She believes the Australian Government will be committing an ethical crime if the use and sale of e-cigs is banned and ex smokers (now vapers) are forced back to smoking.

Jenny Stone


Jenny StoneJenny Stone works with the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in the inner city area of Perth. The people she works with are disadvantaged by mental illness, poverty and hardship. They are victims of the stolen generation and their families, and people whose lives are shattered by trauma and substance abuse. She sees the serious health and financial problems related to very high smoking rates in these groups every day and feels passionate about her clients having access to tobacco harm reduction options as a matter of urgency. She is dismayed by the hypocrisy of supporting harm reduction options for hard drugs, but not for nicotine dependence. Jenny smoked heavily for 30 years before accidentally quitting by switching to a personal vaporiser in March 2013. She wishes that the people she works with were able to enjoy the financial and health benefits she has experienced and is committed to fighting for their right to have easy access to vaping as they currently have to smoking. Jenny supports evidence based regulation proportionate to risk and believes that smoking is not a disease, vaping works because it is enjoyable and regulating it as a medical product would remove the appeal and therefore the huge potential benefit to public health.

Liam Bryan

Liam is the Campaign Manager for Vapers in Power, a UK Political Party formed to protect the rights of ecig users.  Outside of that he's a science teacher, father of two and a passionate vaper.  An optimist AND a realist,  Liam is convinced that informed debate, solid science and the testimonials of millions of vapers will ensure the happy future of the electronic cigarette.

Judith Wolters

Ex-smoker of 50+ years with a background in welfare. Diagnosed with COPD years ago and waiting to die until vaping finally allowed her to stop smoking in September 2014. Now a happy, healthy senior citizen with the energy to advocate against the unethical laws in Australia which turn people into criminals for trying to stop smoking the way they wish to.

Marewa Glover

Associate Professor Marewa Glover is the preeminent and most persistent advocate for smokers in New Zealand. For over 20 years she has focused on understanding what people need and want to help them stop smoking. She has designed and tested innovative stop smoking methods and programmes, including using incentives, fun team competitions and apps. Marewa is driven to find better and faster ways to reduce the disease and early death caused by smoking tobacco because her fellow Indigenous Māori women have the highest smoking rates in New Zealand at 42%! Marewa is a member of the Research Centre for Māori Health & Development within Massey University's College of Health in Auckland, New Zealand. She is also Chair of End Smoking NZ an independent research and advocacy group. You can follow her on Twitter @MarewaGlover