Economics References Committee - Interim Report

The Australian Senate Economic References Committee has released its interim report concerning the sale and use of tobacco, tobacco products, nicotine products and e-cigarettes (term of reference a). It has found that nicotine should be made available by medical prescription.

This is not good news for smokers in Australia. If these recommendations are followed through with regulation only tobacco companies or pharmaceutical companies would be able to meet the costs incurred by the approval process with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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UK Royal College of Physicians Recommends Wide Promotion of E-cigarettes. Australia Falls Further Behind.

The New Nicotine Alliance Australia welcomes the groundbreaking report from the UK Royal College of Physicians on the safety and public health benefits of nicotine electronic cigarettes, currently banned in Australia. This extensively researched paper by leading international experts collects all the latest evidence on e-cigarettes, and unreservedly calls for all smokers to switch to vaping as a far safer option with less than 5% of the harm of traditional cigarettes. These findings directly contradict the stance taken by Australia's leading medical and public health organisations.

The Royal College of Physicians has found that the "provision of the nicotine that smokers are addicted to without the harmful components of tobacco smoke can prevent most of the harm from smoking."

In stark contrast The Royal Australasian College of Physicians warns that widespread use of e-cigarettes may inadvertently re-normalise and re-glamorise smoking behaviour and once again promote a culture of smoking, while their British counterparts state that there is no evidence of this happening in the UK, where vaping is far more prevalent.

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The New Nicotine Alliance Attends the Australian Senate Hearing on Personal Choice and Community Impacts


On Wednesday, 9th March 2016 the Economic References Committee Senate Hearing on Personal Choice and Community Impacts was held in Sydney, NSW. The hearing was chaired by Senator David Leyonhjelm and also attended by Senator Chris Ketter.

NNA [AU] Board Members Dr Attila Danko, Donna Darvill and Jenny Stone and two of our Associates, Judith Wolters and Angela Gordon, testified at the Hearing with Dr Alex Wodak also speaking in support of the NNA.



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Dr Colin Mendelsohn writes on the "Gateway Theory"

The "gateway effect" is an argument often propounded by Public Health experts as justification for stringent regulations on the sale and use of electronic cigarettes. They fear the widespread availability of the devices could encourage adolescents to take up smoking. Dr Colin Mendelsohn, tobacco treatment specialist at The Sydney Clinic, explains that electronic cigarettes are more likely to divert teenagers away from smoking.

His article, published in the Medical Observer, can be viewed here: Are Electronic Cigarettes a Gateway to Adolescent Smoking?

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NCSCT Launches a New E-cigarette Briefing

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training in the U.K. has released a briefing for stop smoking services, a practical guide about e-cigarettes for people assisting smokers to quit, based on real world experience and the latest research. Two of the trustees of the NNA (UK), Lorrien Jollye and Sarah Jakes, were involved as reviewers on the project, along with Australia's Wayne Hall, Professor and Director, Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research at The University of Queensland.

Read the full document here: Electronic cigarettes: A briefing for stop smoking services